About CCMA

Croydon COVID-19 is a network of local mutual aid groups (LMAGs).

The LMAGs vary in size from a single street to a whole ward - though we encourage hyper-local organising, with neighbours looking after neighbours. It's at this level that individuals and families help one another.

CCMA is the umbrella organisation, led by a volunteer organising committee. CCMA helps LMAGs to organise, coordinates them across the borough, and provides them with infrastructure and resources. We also cooperate with the other voluntary organisations, foodbanks and Croydon council.

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Local Mutual Aid Groups

Click here for details of our local mutual aid groups.

How We Work with Others

How CCMA cooperates with other voluntary organisations and local government.

Organising Committee

Click here to find out more about the organising committee (COMING SOON)


The rules governing CCMA.


Full details of our fund-raising and expenses.

CCMA on Facebook

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