How to get help


Our Local Mutual Aid Groups (LMAGs), organised through WhatsApp, can help with simple activities like collecting shopping or medication, dog-walking, urgent provisions, transport, and so on. If your needs are more severe and complex you may need to contact other services.

To get help, use our map to find your nearest LMAG:

  1. Search for your postcode and identify the nearest LMAG. Street-level groups are marked with coloured lines. If there isn't one where you live, the nearest group to you is the ward-level LMAG, marked by a pin at the centre of each ward (the boundaries of which are marked in red).

  2. Click on the LMAG lines or pin to show the group information including the WhatsApp invitation link. Follow the link to join the group and request help there.*

If you don't use WhatsApp, call our helpline on 020 3322 8379 (8am-8pm daily). A volunteer will help to connect you to your nearest LMAG.

We also have a map of foodbanks in the borough.

If you still need help, email the organising committee.

*Remember that joining a WhatsApp group involves sharing your phone number with other group members.